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3/2022 Special Issue 2

Mediální studia obrázek


Media Studies 2/2022 was supported by a subsidy from the Media and Audiovisual Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

FULL ISSUE is available PDF

Introduction to Special Issue

Marisa Torres da Silva, Maria José Brites & Miguel Vicente PDF


Magdalena Saldaña & Valentina Proust

Comments that hurt: Incivility in user-generated comments about marginalized groups PDF

Hilde Sakariassen

Facebook as a public arena for women: Infringing on democratic ideals and a cause of worry PDF  

Anda Rožukalne & Dite Liepa

From “Covid idiots” to “Covidshow and “Covidhysteria”: Analysis of digital news commenters’ verbal aggressiveness and means of linguistics creativity during COVID-19 pandemic in Latvia (2020 – 2021)  PDF

Ernestina Lamponi, Marinella Paciello & Francesca D’Errico

Mapping emotional responses across the individual moral system in Social Network ethical public communication: a quasi-experimental study PDF

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