Mediální studia | Media studies

2/2022 Special Issue

  28 Feb 2023



Special Issue: Emerging topics of media and communication scholarship in Europe: Alumni of the ECREA doctoral school of 2021


Media Studies 2/2022 was supported by a subsidy from the Media and Audiovisual Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

FULL ISSUE  is available  PDF


Introduction to Special Issue

David Selva Ruiz, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt & Miguel de Aguilera Moyano  PDF



Dorien Luyckx & Amber Verstraeten

Flemish journalism students' perception of and preparedness for entrepreneurial job profiles in their future careers  PDF


Mikhail Kremez

Dividing and Uniting News Frames: Framing Russia-related Border Issues in the Estonian, Latvian, Finnish, US Public Service Media and Chinese State Media  PDF  


She Anglada-Pujol

“Our fans are gonna go crazy when they know we are together”: Fandom identities and self-representation in YouTubers slash fiction   PDF


Daniela Jaramillo-Dent

Algorithmic (in)visibility tactics among immigrant TikTokers  PDF


Helena Dedecek Gertz & Florian Süsser

Migration and educational projects online: A topic modeling approach of discussions on social media groups  PDF


Nils Wandels, Jelle Mast & Hilde Van den Bulck

Bureaucracy and authoritative control in contemporary legacy news media companies: A Weberian analysis of a Flemish case study  PDF


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